About Us

Our goal is to partner with other arts groups, communities, government, private industry and individuals to bring the arts to a full, active and valuable part of our societies however small or remote.  We strive to be a responsible and active community partner and supporter, connecting people and cultures with each other and their world.

The Chugach Arts Council invites input from its members as to what projects or events would benefit their community or discipline. 

Because of the vastness of the area, the annual general membership meeting will be held at rotating locations.  However, communication through newsletters & emails will endeavor to bring the artists & communities together to organize and promote the events and programs the communities chose to pursue.

The organization is governed by a board whose members are selected from current membership.  The Executive Director will carry out the plans of the board.

Local project or committee chairmen will work under the direction of the Executive Director and the board.

Our code of conduct outlines our values & expectations so that our programs may be suitable for the public at large and include people of all ages.

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