Why Art


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JoAnne Noyles is a successful artist using the challenging and exciting medium of silk.

The study of the arts is essential, civilizations are remembered for their art.

The State of Alaska requires every Alaskan student to have some experience in the arts so that they might have a broad & complete education in order to compete in the world of today and tomorrow.

The arts encourage many fine academic traits while allowing open-ended, creative work.  The arts require self-discipline, perseverance and hard work.  It helps build basic thinking skills and develop problem solving abilities.  Statistically, students involved in the arts score higher on nationally scored exams than students who are not.  In addition, the arts promote the skills necessary for the workplace, such as the ability to work with others and to manage time, resources and cross cultural understanding.

Like life, success in the arts may only be achieved after a very long, sustained effort; failure is seen as a step in the learning process.

While all this is true for children, it is equally true for adults.  It is never too late to learn.  It is never to late to unleash your inner artist.

Art  has been a component of high-impact economic development programs by assisting state and local governments in many ways according to the National Governors Association.   Restoration and revitalization of communities can be facilitated through vibrant arts communities.  Human and cultural resources can be leveraged to generate economic vitality in under performing areas through tourism, crafts & attractions.  As a centerpiece for community redevelopment and renewal, the arts can bring new life.

The Arts are emerging as a potent force in the economic life of cities and rural areas nationwide and assuming an important role as a direct and indirect contributor to economies.  Art can contribute to an areas quality of life by making them more attractive, more innovative and more inclusive.

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